Servant Leader - Jason


Why on earth do you choose to work with youth? 

When I was a youth, there were leaders who were there for me in times of need and I want to be there for youth when they are in need. God’s love and compassion stirs me to love them and to expose the lies of the enemy and replace them with God’s powerful truth.


What are some of the main things you hope these youth learn? 

God loves you so stinkin' much, you have no idea how big His love is for you. It’s all about relationships, see Mark 12:30 & 31.


Hobbies that you're into?  

scuba diving,  video games, watchin’ movies, and multi-media stuff


Favorite TV shows?  

MythBusters, 700 Club, The Office, The Way of the Master, The Unit, The Ramp


Favorite foods?

steak, cheesecake & ribs


Favorite movies?

To Save A Life, Facing the Giants, Luther, ExtremeDays, The Saint, & Braveheart. Oh did I say Braveheart yet?


Favorite books?

The Holy Bible (New King James Version and The Message), God Chasers,  Single, Married, Separated, Life After Divorce


What advice would you give youth about relationships?

Apply Matthew 6:33 and Prov. 3:5-6 to ‘em.

I could write for hours on this so just ask for copies of our messages on CDs called, “Waiting For God’s Best” (part 1 or 2)


What advice would you give youth about temptation?

1 Cor.10:13 Don’t try fighting it alone. Cry out to God! Also utilize your accountability partners. “Walk in The Spirit and you won’t fulfill the lust of the flesh.”


What advice would you give youth about spending time with God?

“Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” James 4:8a


Name some of your favorite bands?

Supertones, Toby Mac, David Crowder, Jason Upton, Hillsong United, Kim Walker, Enter the Worship Circle (series), Heidi Williams and the Ignite Student Ministries band


What do you see yourself doing in 5 days?  

flossing my teeth


What about 5 years?

still flossing my teeth, and still trying to help youth


Favorite sports team?

The Jamaican Bobsled Team


Sports teams you dislike with a passion?

Bad News Bears


Favorite athlete and why?  

The Rock, because he is such a great cook. j/j I like how Josh Hamilton and Jason Whitten share publicly about their relationship with God.


High Bowling Game:

one time I didn't get a gutter ball


Favorite Website:

You are so on it... right now. Also see what we put in our “hot links” section.


Average grades in high school:

Look I passed. ok? … Next topic!


Favorite Candies:

Nerds, Cotton Candy, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Turtles (not the animal)


If you were on Fear Factor, what would you do to win 1 million dollars?

Would you.... be bald for a year, eat 3 live roaches, swim with sharks for 30 

minutes, or live on water and stale bread for 3 months?

Actually, I think I would agree to shave my head while eating the roaches as I'm riding the back of a shark and feeding it stale bread.


Favorite books in the Bible:

Romans and Galatians


Favorite places to eat grub:

Chili's, BBQ places, and actually McDonalds


Pets and their names:

A had a huge fish called, FREAK (a teenager killed it).


Do you have a nickname?  If not, what would like to be called?

J-Dog, Pastor Pony Tail, Heidi calls me, Jace, sometimes.


Which would you choose between ... being able to fly, living to 150, being the President, always knowing the future or being a movie star?  And why?

Fly ... so no one would ever “look down” on me again. :-)


What did you love about being a teenager? 

traveling to many countries on mission trips


What did you hate about being a teenager? 

times of feeling insecure


What is it that you like most about God? 

He is faithful even when I am not. He loves me unconditionally.


How can we be praying for you?

Pray that I would be the husband, father, and youth pastor God has called and created me to be.