Servant Leader - Lyndsey


Why on earth do you choose to work with youth?

I want to impact the lives of youth the way my youth pastors impacted me. It was in my high school years that I really built my relationship with the Lord and solidified my commitment to Him.


What are some of the main things you hope these youth learn?

That the Lord is the most important part of their lives. That our lives and relationships should reflect that.


Hobbies that you're into?

Reading, Bowling, Scrapbooking


Favorite TV shows?

Dancing with the Stars, American Idol,


Favorite foods?

Spaghetti, Brownies, Broccoli,


Favorite movies?

Baby Einstein


Favorite books?

Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse, Wemberly Worried, Skippy John Jones, Amelia Bedella, Magic Tree House, Junie B. Jones (Can you tell I am a teacher?) So for me I like Karen Kingsbury books


What advice would you give youth about relationships?

Dating has a purpose: to find someone to marry. Intense yes, but true. Some people say its just a fling but those relationships, no matter how small, make an impact on your life. I started taking dating seriously my senior year of high school and that’s when I found Tyler. Ok so now to the advice part. Make a list of the characteristics you want in a spouse and look for those characteristics in the people you date. Simple!


What advice would you give youth about temptation?

Give it to God. Every time you are faced with that temptation give it to God and walk away! When you cannot handle it, He can.


What advice would you give youth about spending time with God? This is so important. I find when I do not spend time with God, I have no joy, or patience or peace. He fills you up and gives these things to you. The longer you go without spending time with God the easier it is to give in to those temptations you are facing.


Name some of your favorite bands?

I like solo artists! Kari Jobe, Carrie Underwoood, Taylor Swift, Shane and Shane!


What do you see yourself doing in 5 days?

Teaching First Grade and Spending time with my husband and baby girl!


What about 5 years?

Getting a masters degree and then on to a doctorate. Having a few more kids and (praying here) to be living in fort worth still.


Favorite sport's team?



Sports teams you dislike with a passion?

Right now Duke because they beat Baylor in the NCAA


High Bowling Game:



Average grades in high school:



Favorite Candy:



If you were on Fear Factor, what would you do to win 1 million dollars?

Would you.... be bald for a year, eat 3 live roaches, swim with sharks for 30 

minutes, or live on water and stale bread for 3 months?

Shave my head but Tyler says no!!!!


Favorite book in the Bible:



Favorite places to eat grub:



Pets and their names:

All Dogs: Wesley, Rosie, Patton, Sissy


Do you have a nickname?



Which would you choose between ... being able to fly, living to 150,being the President, always knowing the future or being a movie star?  And why?

Knowing the future.


What did you love about being a teenager?

Being in the school musicals(that is where I met Tyler), not having bills, Off campus lunch(Wendy’s), youth group!!!


What did you hate about being a teenager?

Cliques, curfews, no money, studying.


What is it that you like most about God?

He is in control.


How can we be praying for you?

For my house to sell (in Waco) and for Tyler to get a good job in Fort Worth.