Servant Leader - Tyler


Why on earth do you choose to work with youth?
I ask myself that question every other day. No, youth are great. Little things like just being there and showing them you care can make a major impact on their lives.


What are some of the main things you hope these youth learn? 

Confidence in themselves and their relationship with God.


Hobbies that you're into?

Going to the zoo with my toddler,  Abigail.


Favorite TV shows?

V, Lost, Flash Forward


Favorite foods?

Meatloaf, Pizza, Spaghetti, Calamari, Mahi Mahi.


Favorite movies?

Elf, Monty Python Search for Holy Grail, Truman Show, Baby Einstein.


Favorite books?

The Bible, The Constitution, Texas Rules of Evidence and Civil Procedure, The Percy Jackson Series.


What advice would you give youth about relationships?

First: Read “Boy Meets Girl”, “I Kissed Dating Goodbye”, “Don’t Date Naked”. Second: Make a list of what God would want in a future mate. Third: Don’t be kissing on someone else’s future wife/husband.


What advice would you give youth about temptation?

Hide God’s word in your heart. It helps to think about God’s plans for you. He has them, you know. Don’t fall to temptation even if you think the person your dating is “the one.”  Pray scripture over your future spouse. When you pray for your future spouse to be strong in temptation you will find strength as well. Find accountability partners and use them. I would call my youth group accountability partners even when I moved away to college. Even today I could call them up and ask for prayer.


What advice would you give youth about spending time with God?

Don’t try to become a seminary grad student overnight. Get a Bible version you can understand. One idea is to study what Pastor Jeff is preaching on. You can get his Wednesday night sermons on CD and read along (ex: a chapter or two on Genesis). Another idea is to ask Pastor Jason for a good youth Bible study program. Go through it with some friends from youth group.


Name some of your favorite bands?

Kari Jobe, David Crowder Band, Hillsong, IGNITE STUDENT MINISTRIES BAND!!!


What do you see yourself doing in 5 days?

Going for a job interview and landing a good job.


What about 5 years?

Being a dad of 3 kids, happily married, with a good job that will pay me enough to send all the teens at Turning Point to youth camp.


Favorite sport's team?

American Curling Team.


Sports teams you dislike with a passion?

French Curling Team.


High Bowling Game:

Over 100, I don’t remember exactly. I have my own bowling shoes and ball.


Favorite Website:

Google, it is the gateway to the internets.


Average grades in high school:

A++, I would score my report card based on how many points away I was from 100 in each subject. Normal was from 4 to 10.


Favorite Candy:



If you were on Fear Factor, what would you do to win 1 million dollars?

Would you.... be bald for a year, eat 3 live roaches, swim with sharks for 30 

minutes, or live on water and stale bread for 3 months?

I fear the idea of my head being shaved. I could swim with sharks, I took a SCUBA class in college and saw a video of one class who went swimming with sharks.


Favorite book in the Bible:

Acts is a great example of how a church should be. Psalms is pretty though.


Favorite places to eat grub:

Hickory Stick BBQ, 900 E. Enon, Everman, TX 76140. 10 minutes from the church open 8am to 8pm. Closed Sunday and Monday. Ribs served every day they are open. Lyndsey’s dad owns it. I get paid in sliced sandwiches for advertising.


Pets and their names:

Wesley the Golden Retriever lives with us. Sissy the Jack Russell lives with my parents. Rosie and Patton the Jack Russells live with Lyndsey’s parents.


Do you have a nickname?  If not, what would like to be called?

A law professor named me Big Red. I don’t mind Carrot Top as long as it is not associated with the comedian.


Which would you choose between ... being able to fly, living to 150, being the President, always knowing the future or being a movie star?  And why?

Being the President is a really stressful job. You age like 20 years in only 4 years of being in office. I think being able to fly would land me in a government bunker somewhere, where they would run experiments on me. Knowing the future would be pretty neat. By knowing the future you could probably learn how to fly, make a lot of money of the stock market, learn of a pill to live to 150 and predict trends to become the President. Of course you would know the day of your own death and that is creepy, unless Jesus would come back earlier.


What did you love about being a teenager?

No bills to worry about.


What did you hate about being a teenager?

No money of your own.


What is it that you like most about God?

The fact that He even cares about us at all. That He has acknowledged us as His children so that we may call Him, Abba Father.


How can we be praying for you?

I need a decent paying job as an attorney in Fort Worth. Lynds and I still have an unsold house in Waco that needs to sell for a decent price. Health for my family, always.