Servant Leader - Ruben

Why on earth do you choose to work with youth? 

God has always given me a love for youth and I enjoy watching them develop spiritually into the new church!


What are some of the main things you hope these youth learn? 

That God is for you. Jesus is with you. The Holy Spirit is within you.

And His Angels are encamped around you always.


Hobbies that you're into?  

Pumping Iron, Soccer, Xbox, Bonsai Trees, and a Ninja by night.


Favorite TV shows?  

Ultimate fighter, Hells kitchen, Survivor


Favorite foods?



Favorite movies?  

La Bamba, Boiler Room, Nacho Libre


Favorite books?

4 Pillars of a Man’s Heart


What advice would you give youth about relationships?

RUN! Youth invest way too much time and energy in relationships hoping they will find true love.


What advice would you give youth about temptation?

First of all, we all deal with temptation! It is important to pray about your temptations and cast them to God so He can help you overcome them. It is also important to learn how to avoid putting yourself in temptation’s harm.


What advice would you give youth about spending time with God?

I cannot not stress enough how important it is to pray on a daily basis as well as read His Word. Youth need to understand that God is a person that you can share even the little things with. For example, the other day I was praying to God about why my fax machine was not working and asked Him if this was a patience test. He wants you to seek Him always, and not just view him as a “911 God”. Oh yea, spending time with God is not just going to church on Sundays or Wednesdays…It’s an everyday relationship just like a best friend.


Name some of your favorite bands?

The Almost, The Wedding, UnderOath, Fireflight


What do you see yourself doing in 5 days?  

Going home because I’m out of town right now!


What about 5 years?

Being a Regional Manager!


Favorite sport's team?

COWBOYS!!! And Barcelona (soccer team)!


Sports teams you dislike with a passion?  

OOOOooooo Redskins, Giants, Eagles


Favorite athlete and why?  

BRUCE LEE-Because he could beat up anybody!


High Bowling Game:  



Average grades in high school:

Mostly A’s and B’s


Favorite Candy:

Reese’s Pieces (E.T.’s too)


If you were on Fear Factor, what would you do to win 1 million dollars?

Would you.... be bald for a year, eat 3 live roaches, swim with sharks for 30 

minutes, or live on water and stale bread for 3 months? 

I would have to go with bread and water for 3 months!



Favorite book in the Bible:



Favorite places to eat grub:

Perotti’s, Chipotle!


Pets and their Names:

German Sheperds! TITUS and ROGUE


Do you have a nickname?  If not, what would like to be called?

Nope, but you can call me PROTEIN or NINJA.


Which would you choose between ... being able to fly, living to 150, 

being the President, always knowing the future or being a movie star? And why?



What did you love about being a teenager? 

Playing in high school sports and all the tournaments we use to go to! Summers were always the greatest as well because all I did was sleep-in, eat, hang-out with buds, and go to YOUTH CAMP!


What did you hate about being a teenager? 

Nothing really!


What is it that you like most about God? 



How can we be praying for you?

Pray that God continues to build me into the man HE wants me to be! Pray for my family and for my future!